Churchill is a Revolutionist, formerly an Alliance Captain known as Commander Zabrey. His real name is Ayreigh Ouh Zabrey, but he was dubbed Churchill by Isaiah because it "sounds cooler".

Appearance Edit

Churchill is a dark-skinned, tall and built man in his late twenties. He has black hair, and is practically always wearing sunglasses. He always has a lit marijuana cigarette in his mouth.

Upon joining the Revolutionists, Churchill adopted the signature black cloak.

Personality Edit

Churchill is extremely laid-back. He does not seem to care for his vulgar manners, as he often calls women in an objectifying manner and uses rotten language in front of crowds and children.

Even when he was still an Alliance captain, he would light marijuana cigarettes once his supervisors left his surroundings.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Despite being practically always intoxicated by cannabis, Churchill is a very focused fighter. He is a swordsman who prefers daggers.

He has incredible strength, as he was able to match Isaiah's Zweihander sword with his standard dagger.

Despite his dagger's both thin and short blade, he is able to deflect nearly all projectiles thrown his way, such as bullets and other knives.