Ezekiel is an alchemist of the ancient Elves race who works as a Revolutionist

Appearance Edit

Ezekiel is a tall Elf aged in his late teen years. He has long white hair and almond-shaped blue eyes. He has pointy ears with blue rings pierced on top of each ear's flap. 

Upon joining the Revolutionists, he adopted the signature black cloak.

Personality Edit

Ezekiel is extremely calm and peace-minded. He does not seem to be fazed by anything, and usually faces other opponents with a straight face. 

Much to others' annoyance, Ezekiel refers to himself from a third person perspective

He is arguably the most quiet Revolutionist, as he rarely speaks unless he is asked a direct question. 

Abilities and Powers Edit

Ezekiel is a proficient alchemist, with great herbal knowledge allowing him to produce elixirs and potions, as well as being capable of performing transmutation. He often works in conjugation with Sandra for maximum healing effectiveness. 

Aside from his alchemy, Ezekiel is a fearsome fighter. He never lets himself be morally defeated and never shows any sign of pain or distress. 

Like Isaiah, he uses a Zweihander sword. Unlike the former, however, he holds it with both hands.