Vex Shadow, better known by his alias Face, is a spy for the Revolutionists, and the first member to join Isaiah's forces. He is a member of the ancient race of the Umbrages and its only confirmed survivor.


Vex is a tall man. Much like any Umbrage member, he is faceless, lacking any form of facial feature or hair in his default form, save for two ears. He wears a black jumpsuit with matching gloves and boots. He carries a marker on his right hip and multiple paper cards on his left hip, which he uses as his only mean of communication besides body language.


Despite his enigmatic and frightening appearance, Vex is extremely goofy and awkward. He often trips on objects and forgets important details. He is humble, as he is often seen asking for forgiveness to others for Isaiah's behaviors. 

He is intelligent and a wordsmith, and often writes words others do not understand on his paper cards. He uses his bodily manipulation to its full extent when necessary, deceiving opponents and such even though he cannot speak in their form.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Being a member of the ancient race of the Umbrages, Vex holds a eugenic ability that allows him to alter his body into any shape he wants. He can effectively impersonate other people or cross enemy lines unnoticed using this ability. However, much like in his original form, Vex cannot speak, forcing him to avoid any form of contact with enemies unless absolutely necessary.

Major BattlesEdit