Katrina Fiasco is an archaeologist and the third member to join the Revolutionists. She held a bounty of 10,000,000 Karas at the time of her recruitment, refusing to cooperate with the Alliance for being one of the six living people capable of deciphering the Ancient Language. Her bounty is now K150,000,000.

Appearance Edit

Katrina has long black hair. She is rather tall and well-shaped. She has few freckles on both cheeks. She carries a dagger on her left hip and two pistols on each one. She always carries a small camera inside her necklace along with a small notepad she keeps in her pockets. 

Unlike the other revolutionists, she does wears the traditional black cloak unzipped, revealing a black tank top exposing her hips along with black pants reaching to her knees, catching up to her long black boots.

Personality Edit

Katrina is one of the more mature Revolutionists, as she rarely speaks besides when necessary. She attributes great importance to artifacts of the past, however she also searches for treasures to later sell them to the Black Market.

She is very fond of nature and animals, growing attached to them very quickly and even liking insects such as spiders.

She has a British accent.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Katrina is in an extremely good shape, able to climb, jump and run with great agility.

Her weapons of choice are two handguns in conjunction with a dagger she always keeps on her left hip. She uses the dagger to cling onto certain walls to stop her from falling.

History Edit