Ken Sky is a sniper for the Revolutionists. He is a Reptilian first introduced as an antagonist affiliated with the Alliance as their greatest sharpshooter. 

Appearance Edit

As a Reptilian, Ken has a green-toned skin. He has reptile eyes, with a yellow sclera but vertical black iris. He wears a black mask surrounding his entire face save for one eye. 

Upon joining the Revolutionists, he adopted the standard black cloak which he wears along with his traditional black mask. His raven, "Bird", is generally resting on his shoulder. 

Personality Edit

Abilities and Powers Edit

Ken is a sensorial psionic user. His weapon of choice is a crossbow. Using his powers in conjunction with his incredible sniper skills earned him the reputation of being the world's greatest sniper and one who never misses his target. Ken is able to track his enemies for great distances using his enhanced vision, and his increased sense of smell and hearing makes it practically impossible for any enemy to sneak up on him.

Ken also performed an eye transplantation into a raven, and can control the raven through unknown means. He uses the raven to track enemies he doesn't have a clear sight over. With this technique, Ken can hit targets he is unable to see from his regular body.

Ken can shoot his arrows in a parabolic trajectory if his target is blocked by anything. Even when doing so, he practically never misses. If his target is hiding underneath something that makes it impossible for the arrow to hit from above, Ken shoots a second arrow that knocks the first one off trajectory to hit the target even in his previously false zone.

Ken does have a weak point : due to his eye transplantation, he can only see with his right eye from his original body, leaving his vision's left peripheral field a dead angle. This weakness was used by Isaiah and was precisely why he was defeated.