Psionics are extrasensory abilities. They are dormant powers that can be awoken by certain individuals through various means.  There are 4 main categories of them, and a user can only be limited to one type, much like an inborn blood type or handedness (the exception being the cryptic type). 

Types of PsionicsEdit

  • Cognitive

Cognitive psionics offer passive abilities that allow for the user to collect information via a third eye. It is possible for the user to foreshadow future events, sense other people's auras and whether they are good-willed or not, and collect information on certain objects or past events via extrasensory means.

  • Sensorial

Sensorial psionics offer the user enhanced performance to the already present 5 senses. These users benefit from a magnified vision, sense of smell and hearing. 

  • Kinetic

Kinetic psionics allow the user to manipulate atoms outside of their reach. With this power, they can control objects at a further distance as if they had an extra arm (telekinesis), vibrate atoms to generate intense heat levels (pyrokinesis) and, at higher levels, control atoms out of their reach to warp entities or themselves to other locations (apportation). 

  • Phantasmic

Phantasmic psionics allow the user to deceive other people's senses by altering their mindset and deceiving their own senses. A user can perform healing or harmless telepathy with this power. However, a user has control over another's body, allowing them to cast both visual and auditory illusions and cause psychological trauma to another.

  • Cryptic / Eugenic

Cryptic psionics are a catch-all group for any uncategorized psionic abilities, generally coming from a hereditary source. Examples of this are bodily manipulation such as that of the Umbrages, necromancy or any other unknown supernatural ability. Note : These are sometimes called Eugenic abilities, and due to them being hereditary powers, do not interfere with the possibility of using any of the other four psionic abilities. 


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