Rihm is a Revolutionist and a necromancer.

Appearance Edit

Rihm is dark-skinned and has naturally white hair. However, most of her physical features remain hidden due to her Revolutionist cloak which is extended with a hoodie, hiding her face consistently. She wears a white glove on her right hand, to prevent touching innocent people with her life-sucking powers (those of which are absent in her other hand). She wears a ring on every single finger on her left hand, and has her belly, left eyebrow, right nostril and both ears pierced with rings.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Rihm is renowned as the most accomplished necromancer of her village.

She can communicate with spirits as well as scare them, though she is ineffective against demons without advanced rituals. 

She is able to resuscitate fallen corpses in her vicinity and use them as mindless killing machines. 

She can kill someone simply by touching them with her right hand.

She is a cognitive psionic user ; she is able to sense other people's auras and thus their presences as well as their intentions. She ocassionally has visions, whether of good or bad omen.